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Why have one bloated blog that nobody reads when you can instead have several small blogs that nobody reads!?

    I have accounts on:
  • Tumblr (for tumblers),
  • Facebook (for friends and family stuff),
  • Twitter (for coding and other tech stuff, occasional parenting or political retweets),
  • Pinterest (for pins),
  • Flickr (for some extra special photos),
  • LiveJournal (for historical reasons), and lots of others.

But recently I have started posting more to my own micro.blog sites.

  1. The first one is mostly a photo blog with photos of my twins. You can find it at twins.nyacktech.com. I started it shortly before my girls were born because I knew I'd have lots of photos to share and wanted to have a special place to put them.
  2. The second one is about my personal 100-day quests. I am currently working through Paul Hudson' 100 Days of SwiftUI and posting my daily thoughts/progress to 100Days.micro.blog

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