$729 at the Apple Store? No, thank you.

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My mom's Powerbook has been acting up. The trackpad seems to be taking orders from an unseen force instead of from actual user input. I reset it per Apple's instructions, but the problem keeps returning so I told my mom to bring it to the Genius Bar to have them assess it. The AppleCare contract has expired, but they are usually reasonable with obvious hardware issues.

They told my mom that because of the age of the laptop, she needs a new battery for $129 even if it seems fine. That is ridiculous. The batteries on that laptop were recalled, so I mailed in her battery and got a brand new one about five months ago. She uses the laptop about an hour a week, so the battery is practically new.

Next they told her that her only choice was to replace the trackpad at a cost of $300. That's the only choice? Really? How about using a $20 USB mouse instead?

Finally, before doing any repair, they told her she needed a $300 Firewire backup drive to backup her 1gb of photos and documents. A backup drive? Really? How about a 49-cent blank DVD?

I told her to cancel the repair request and demand the money back for the firewire drive and the battery.

This kind of thing makes me want to beat the shit out of somebody.

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