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40,008,964. That is how many times I've told my son Teddy that I love him. Apparently, he's been keeping count since birth. That works out to about 12 times a minute (assuming I say it in my sleep too). I think it's probably a fair estimate. He's a really great kid.

I took the day off from work so I met Teddy at the bus stop after school and took him out for some shopping and dinner. We bought some Webkinz and a Wolf Cub Scout Handbook. Then we went to the Nanuet Restaurant for pizza. When we got there we bought $10 worth of QuickDraw tickets with our last $10 in cash.

While there I referred to the guy on TV as "The Weatherman" and Teddy corrected me telling me that he is a Meteorologist. Then he giggled as if to say either "how could my father not know that" or perhaps "I bet my father is impressed that I know what a Meteorologist is."

We ate our dinner and won $59. Good thing too because when it was time to pay we learned that they don't take checks or credit cards. That would have sucked not having any way to pay for dinner. 

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