Must be the Alternator

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I was supposed to pick up my mother-in-law at the airport tonight but she ended up getting an earlier flight, due to arrive before I got out of work so I sent someone else to pick her up instead.

I, instead, went to pick Teddy up at camp. On the way there, I noticed my air conditioner was not blowing cold air. Good thing it was only 95 degrees out. Got to camp, picked up Teddy, and got back on the road to head home. Then I noticed the air bag light was on. Hmm. The heat must be messing with the system. It was, after all, 95 degrees out. Then the car slowed down to about forty miles per hour. On the NY Thruway. 

Afraid that I wouldn't make it all the way to Nyack, I opted to take the Palisades Mall exit. While at the red light on the exit ramp, the car died. Lucky, a guy named James in the car next to me offered to help me push it up the rest of the ramp and into the parking lot. Once there, he told me he works part time as a mechanic and offered to take a look. Based on the symptoms and the condition, he diagnosed it as the alternator. He called his boss at the movie theatre to say he'd be a little late for work, then made a few calls and found that the AutoZone in Spring Valley had the part in stock for $200. He offered to drive Teddy and I there to pick it up, first stopping at a friend's house to pick up tools.

When we got back to the mall, he suggested that Teddy and I go into the mall and get comfortable for a half hour. We did, then returned to a shiny new alternator and a running car. I gave him $200 for his time and labor.

Today's Higglytown Hero: James Magliore from Spring Valley. 

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