Rejected on Facebook

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There's a girl I kind of knew in high school. She was a few years younger than me, but she was in the band, so I knew her. Plus, she was beautiful, so I spent a lot of time looking at her. I developed a bit of a crush on her but I was very shy, plus the age difference seemed significant in high school. The first person I admitted the crush to was actually her mom. That was odd, but our Jazz Band was invited to Russia this girl's dad came as the photographer and brought her mom too as another chaperone. I was feeling down one day and her mom showed me some photos of her daughter and it she was so smiley and happy that it really brightened my mood.

Anyway, I noticed recently that she had become friends with a few of my friends on facebook so I sent her a friend request. She rejected it and replied with the following in a private message:

Hi Foster,

I have chosen to just have people I know well or grew up with or work networking as friends. Just want to have a little more control over my facebook page. 

Hope you're well.

That hurt a little bit, but then when I noticed she has 222 Facebook friends, it really made me sad. It shouldn't, I know. I have a great list of friends here, there, and everywhere. But it still left me feeling really hurt and rejected. Kind of like Jennifer not returning my phone calls. That's probably a topic for a different entry. 

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