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Vacation, Day Four

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Today we took a break. Disney is exhausting! We rented a car and drove to Newport Beach to have breakfast with Rich & Stacy and their daughter Laurence (Teddy's second cousin). The restaurant (Beachcomber at Crystal Cove) was busy so we had a couple of hours to swim in the ocean and play on the sand before eating. This was perfect because Teddy and I really needed to relax after three days at Disney.

After the beach we went back to the hotel and spent about five hours at the pool. A little while after we got there, some other kids showed up and they all had fun playing together. 

At 9:00 I convinced Teddy that we should get dinner so we walked to the Anaheim Garden Walk (an open air mall) and went to Johnny Rockets, then back home to bed. 

Disneyland, Day Three

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Since we were up until 1:00am, we slept a little later today but got up at 8:30 for the free continental breakfast at the hotel.  Oddly, eggs and sausage were included. We returned our borrowed car to the Disneyland Hotel and took the monorail into the park. First stop: Matterhorn Bobsleds again. The line was wrapped most of the way around the mountain so we were walking to the Fastpass machines when we noticed the other side was also open and there were only a few people on line. We got on that line and were buckled in five minutes later. Apparently, the right side is a slightly different ride and isn't as popular. I thought it was more fun. We visited Pinocchio's Daring Journey on the way to Splash Mountain again, then took the train back to Toontown for another pass at Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin and Gadget's Go Coaster. We also checked out the rest of the Toontown scenery, saw Goofy and Pluto, and just took in the wonder of the town square.



We had lunch at the Pizza Port in Tomorrowland then attended Jedi Training Academy while waiting for our Space Mountain Fastpass timeslot. Teddy was lucky enough to get picked for Jedi Training and he got to fight Darth Vader. He learned the ten-part light saber combo very quickly (which I attribute to his Kung Fu training). He was totally into it and so proud of himself for becoming a Padawan. Of course this meant another trip to the gift shop for a light saber and Jedi costume, but it wasn't any more than I usually spend on his Halloween costume and I expect he'll want to wear it this year. Even if he doesn't want to wear it again, I was born in 1970. It's not really within my ability to say no to a light saber and Jedi costume.


Like yesterday, we retreated to the hotel for a cooling swim then went back to the park for a little more fun. We got dinner in Frontierland (including a funnel cake with a crumbled brownie on top, covered in whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Some nice guys from New York invited us to their table and found us chairs, just in time for Fantasmic to start.


I don't know where to begin in describing the Fantasmic show. I feel sorry for the people who miss it. On the schedule that comes with the map, this show doesn't get any more attention than the other things but in reality, it is a spectacular show that really shouldn't be missed. It's a combination of projections on mist screens, flames, fireworks, sparklers, ships, songs, bands, characters, and lights. The show is done twice a night. If I were able, I would watch it twice each night. There is so much to see that I think I'd have to see it from a few different spots to catch it all. The peter pan scene on the pirate ship alone is worth getting there a half-hour early for to get good seats.

Disneyland, Day Two

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