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Ashley and Jackson

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On Thursday evening, Teddy and I adopted two adorable kittens that were rescued by David and Abby. Teddy named them Ashley and Jackson. They are both black. Ashley is named for the color of her fur and Jackson is named after Teddy's favorite singer. He nicknamed another male in the litter Mikey, but that name was changed to Olive by the family who adopted him.

I decided to block off the dining room as their initial living space to help them get acclimated to us and our home. I used wooden toy chests that are only about 18 inches tall, so when they were really ready to go exploring they could. I figured it would take them a week or two but Katie said 48 hours was more likely. 

Sunday morning, the two of them breached their containment zone. I found them cowering under the couch so I opened the blockade and used a feather wand to lure them back to the dining room (but I left the gap open so they could explore again if they wanted to. The dining room is a lot more fun so they still spend most of their time in there. 

Teddy spent the weekend at his mom's place, so when he came home today he was anxious to play with Ashley and Jackson. The kitties were hiding under the couch for the first hour or so that he was home so I decided to pull them out to play. It wasn't too hard and once they started chasing that purple feather, they were unstoppable. I got tired just watching. After the feather, Teddy switched to the laser for a few minutes. As expected, it makes them nuts, so we use it in short doses. Then he gave them a little soccer ball that Ashley has taken a real liking to. The room isn't perfectly flat so when she lets the ball go, it rolls a little and she pounces on it. She loves to grab it with both hands and stand up on her hind legs. 

They haven't chosen a consistent sleeping place yet - they are still testing out all the dark and soft areas. They did both have a nap together on the round platform of the carpet scratcher Teddy picked out for them. They also use this to play (see video below). They are both eating and drinking regularly, Ashley more than Jackson. She is still more outgoing and comes out to play first, but he isn't far behind. 

They both still try to hiss when I approach them, but less so at Teddy.  He's small and probably not as intimidating as me. Once I pick them up they calm down immediately and love to be held and pet. Ashley even purred last night while laying on my chest. The simple toys are totally fascinating them,  especially the noisier ones that I dangled from strings on the furniture.

Teddy sang the kittens a lullaby tonight while gently petting one of them after dinner. I think it was an original composition. I tried to capture it on video but he stopped singing when I took out the camera. I'm sure I'll have another opportunity.

"Vacation" - Day Five

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Today started with a 6:40am phone call from my boss telling me there was a payroll issue. After  five hours dealing with it from my hotel room, Teddy and I moved to the pool. Another three hours later and enough data was loaded that I was able to go try to enjoy the rest of the day. We grabbed a quick lunch at IHOP then went to Disneyland for three hours. We visited Alice in Wonderland and a few of the rides we had already been on. My mood made it tough to enjoy the little time we had left. 


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